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Oct 09


resilience is knowing that some people are just going to be wrong about you.

-text today from a wise friend.

Oct 09
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Oct 07
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Oct 07
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Sep 23
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Sep 21
This African Fruit Produces the World’s Most Intense Natural Color | Surprising Science.
Sep 18
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(via xkcd: ADD)

Sep 10

quote The opposite has happened: I have turned into a sort of holy fool, moved quite literally to tears by the kindness of strangers, the happiness of couples, the beauty in June of the garden I share with the Lady in Question, the good looks of our grandchildren, the intelligence and refined manners of my cat, and the nest tucked into the trumpet vine that climbs the wall of one of our outbuildings in which four newly hatched gray catbirds are learning to spread their wings.

— Louis Begley, via Old Love | The Hairpin.
Sep 05


“For me, having generalized anxiety disorder is basically like having all of the other anxiety disorders smooshed into one. Even the ones that aren’t recognized by modern science. Things like birds-will-probably-smother-me-in-my-sleep anxiety disorder and I-keep-crackers-in-my-pockets-in-case-I-get-trapped-in-an-elevator anxiety disorder. Basically I’m just generally anxious about fucking everything.

— Jenny Lawson, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.

Sep 05
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