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Jul 25


Pencil on paper, 2013 - Jun Cen

Original artwork for the animated short film Mutual Tunnels 

Jul 22

Marjane Satrapi, who is (in my humble opinion) a complete bad-ass.


Marjane Satrapi, who is (in my humble opinion) a complete bad-ass.

Jul 22
Jul 21


Red-Shouldered Hawk Studies by Zoe Elizabeth Carter

Graphite and colored pencil in sketchbook, 2012

Zoebird Illustration

Jul 18


Here are three elements we often see in town names:

If a town ends in “-by”, it was originally a farmstead or a small village where some of the Viking invaders settled. The first part of the name sometimes referred to the person who owned the farm - Grimsby was “Grim’s village”. Derby was “a village where deer were found”. The word “by” still means “town” in Danish.

If a town ends in “-ing”, it tells us about the people who lived there. Reading means “The people of Reada”, in other words “Reada’s family or tribe”. We don’t know who Reada was, but his name means “red one”, so he probably had red hair.

If a town ends in “-caster” or “-chester”, it was originally a Roman fort or town. The word comes from a Latin words “castra”, meaning a camp or fortification. The first part of the name is usually the name of the locality where the fort was built. So Lancaster, for example, is “the Roman fort on the River Lune”.

A Little Book of Language by David Crystal, page 173. (via linguaphilioist, submariet)
Jun 30


hayao miyazaki

Jun 30



Physical and political history of Chile according to documents acquired in this republic for twelve years of residence there and published under the auspices of the supreme government on Flickr.

By Gay, Claudio, 1800-1873 
Publication info Paris, Home of the author, 1844-1871.
Contributing Library:
Research Library, The Getty Research Institute
BioDiv. Library

The most important naturalist from Chile, my beautiful country
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